Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Underway Underground

If you wish to measure it, you might pick out a number of objects and shapes that have stood out, something come across on your watch, weighs and passages. Under crumbled concrete, hanging in the air on a spiders web, printed on a billboard, shot through a blackberry patch, in a thrift shop, dangling from a bridge, or even up in a lime tree, tools are plentiful. Shadows might be useful.

You could define these things as units, related to a moment, a particular sojourn, something a friend said. Most certainly pleasure would be taken as well. Use one or a sum to plot locations, some locomotion on that figment, marking and track. It would be splendid to get there. But you might not. Your lines when redrawn are broken yet intact. This time it is uncanny. It can be elusive restarting downstream or underground where an old road or game trail had crossed carrying others to their own measurements, destinations and address.

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